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Let Go. Surrender. Trust.

"In surrendering to the will of the cosmos, you will realign your life with sacred arrangements that already know which life-altering lesson is the key to your happiness" - Chris-Anne, creator of the Lightseer's Tarot deck

What a potent time we're in! I'm sensing so many messages powerfully coming through our own intuition, the language of Astrology, and channelers of inter-dimensional beings.

In order to embrace the new Aquarian energies, we must release the old and make space for incoming messages, light codes, DNA upgrades, and an expanded consciousness.

Just know my dears, we're in the midst of a huge evolutionary moment and everything you are feeling is exactly perfect and on time. And damn hard.

Inhale and exhale deeply and audibly. Again. Now really tune into your body.

You may notice the intensity first and foremost. Maybe a sense of old wounds or ailments resurfacing (they're there to release once and for all), all while trying to maintain calm amidst a forceful storm.

I do believe in our hearts, though, that we know there is divine purpose for this murky phase we find ourselves in.

Rest assured that we are here for this incredible moment in humanity's history! And I really do mean that despite how gloomy, hopeless and divisive it may currently feel. It's truly ineffable if you zoom out and consider how this very period may alter the course of generations to come.

Bringing it closer to home, let's talk about the art of intentional surrender. How to give in (not give up) and let go when we're accustomed to exerting control or trying to manipulate outcomes. How to float in that uncomfortable void.

Often times, when I'm forced to shed layers, I turn to comfort foods like crunchy munchy popcorn or creamy, fatty spreads like nut butter and tahini, or I'll binge on self-development podcasts or YouTube videos, or even micro-manage my dogs (ie. moving them from one sunny spot to another which they can easily manage themselves) in order to feel a teeny bit of power in a world that is changing all too quickly.

We each have our own unique ways to maneuver the discomfort, don't we?

As I mentioned in my last post, we are swimming through Cancer season and the energy is that of flow, acceptance and integration of all that we learned in the last head-y cycle of Gemini. Now is the time to pause, notice, and come home to ourselves.

Add to all of this the fact that the planet Neptune is completing its 165 year orbit (!!) and we as humans are lucky enough to witness this magnificent end point as the planet hovers at the symbolic final degree of Pisces (literally, the last 5 minutes in the entire zodiac wheel!) and will turn the page to a new dynamic era, beginning in early 2026.

This is a BIG freakin deal.

Life is changing rapidly (oh so chaotic for the highly sensitive) but know that this evolution is paving the way for a new paradigm filled with light, love, unity, connection, creativy, and higher consciousness! We are emerging from a collective fog (Neptune in Pisces) and will finally be able to release the stress and the grip we've had on our mind and bodies. Doesn't that sound liberating?

Lightseer's Tarot Deck

During my morning tarot card pull from my favorite Light Seer's deck, I drew the Hanged Wo/man card which absolutely speaks to this very moment in our personal and collective journey.

This 12th card in the Major Arcana also mirrors the 12th sign of Pisces - pretty synchronistic I'd say.

You'll notice this figure intentionally chooses to hang upside down from her aerial yoga sling. There is no struggle and she can easily slide out of this position.

It's a gorgeous, vibrant image and stirs my heart every time I sit with it.

So many themes come up that speak to the message of surrender:

Firstly, the notion of letting go in order to access new light codes from the swirling vortex below. Her third eye chakra is activated as she stretches towards the light.

By hanging upside down, she chooses a new vantage point and views life from a different perspective. We all need to flip on our heads (headstands are great for that!) if we feel too close to any unfolding drama. Healthy distance, neutrality and slowing down are called for at this time.

What about standing in YOUR TRUTH? How do you see the world differently?

I have learned to question and remain objective, not aligning with any specific narrative. I try to listen to all perspectives, follow my heart, and embrace uncomfortable truths. But of course, it's not easy and sometimes, I react and move or speak impulsively. It's a practice after all.

But I'm here, as are you, to stand in our authenticity, knowing that it's ok to change our minds, just as the figure in the card can switch positions and flip upright. We all evolve in our beliefs and views.

I'm certainly a different and transformed version of self from when I first started this blog in 2020.

Finally, how can we choose sacred rest - even boredom! - and stand in it, despite the perceived judgment?

This requires courage and strength in today's world.

As my Tarot teacher Beth Maiden says so eloquently, "Slowing down makes space for new perspectives to arise, for new possibilities to emerge. Slowness allows for circumstances to be fully felt, fully understood. The dominant western culture rewards speed and thought and logic and communication, meanwhile devaluing the wisdom we find in our hearts and bodies...In the act of hanging upside down, the figure on the card brings their head closer to earth, seemingly grounding their intellect."

What can you do to create more intentional space within? To pause before you speak? To respond rather than react?

This is the divinely timed moment to let go, surrender and trust the loving pressure that life is providing. The Universe fully supports and loves you.

Sending you inner strength, ease, and pockets of stillness as we weather the storm together.

xx Kristin


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