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Access Magic and Creativity through Grounding

How's everyone feeling? Let's do a quick wellness check-in with ourselves.

We've just entered the very last phase of the Zodiac wheel which is the final culmination of energies before our true New Year begins on the Spring Equinox (March 19). Let's talk about how to make the most of this closing out period.

Pisces is an emotional, fluid, ethereal sign of duality. After all, it's represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions so we can think of the teaching as above, so below; as within, so without.

These sacred fish can take us into the celestial realm and deeper into our intuition. To me, it represents the opening up of our multi-dimensional selves and flowing with the rivers of change. Magic and creativity can be heightened during this time so let's tap into the wisdom and potential during the Sun's final journey of the zodiacal wheel before landing back into the primal, childlike energy of Aries.

With all the upward emphasis above the head in the heavens, I want to bring balanced attention to the lower part of our body.

Did you know that Pisces rules the feet? Ironic, no? Indeed, every sign emphasizes an area of the physical body, from the head to our feet. How refreshing to focus on grounding and anchoring if we wish to access the power from above. If we are constantly up in our minds or in a state of anxiety, we will have a harder time integrating energy.

In order to be physically present on 3D Earth and delight in the experience of this planet, it's essential to savor the five senses: touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing. By truly being in tune with our interactions in the world and especially nature, we move into a space of connection and gratitude that allows for even stronger connection.

Activities like cooking and eating are ideal opportunities to appreciate the beauty and bounty. Or walking on a trail where you can move though the five senses to switch from your mind's chatter back to your body's innate wisdom. You can make this fun and share your insights aloud with a hiking partner or dog!

In order to "ground" our energy, it's crucial that be as close to the powerful earth core energy as possible. And yes, there is much energy emanating from below so let's harness it for good. We can engage in floor-based practices (yin or restorative yoga, or laying on a grounding mat), put our bare feet onto the ground (known as "earthing"), connect with the rooting power of trees, or even imagine a grounding root out of our tailbone traveling deep into the Earth's core.

Remember to nurture your feet and massage them by rolling them individually over a tennis ball or rubbing them with a lovely salve before slipping into socks. Or make a ritual out of a detoxifying cider vinegar foot bath.

Whatever you do, remember to savor this experience of physicality and notice how much that helps you tap into streams of creativity.


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