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Inherent Wisdom of the Zodiac Wheel

Oooh, finally a much-welcomed shift from Gemini to Cancer Season on June 20! Who else is excited about this transition? My chart is full of Cancer placements and emphasis on the moon so this new season (4th of 12 in the zodiac wheel) feels like home for me.

Cancer is known for its heightened sensitivity and affinity for water, and thrives in the comfort of its own home, much like a crab in its protective shell. Hello introverts!

Even more amazing this year is the fact that on this date we also honor the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Earth Holidays as I call them are energetic turning points that mark great transition from one quadrant of the astrological wheel to the next.

Four times a year, when seasons officially change, we're gifted a sacred moment to check in. So let's savor it.

The energy flow we're bound to feel will move us from mental process and social buzz (Gemini, ruled by Mercury) to one of flow and retracting inward (Cancer, ruled by the Moon). From ideas, possibilities, and overwhelm to slowing down, returning to the heart space and sitting with what has come up during Gemini season. That feels so nurturing to write...

Cancer, a water sign, brings comfort, nourishment, and emotional care. Its cleansing power allows us to release what we've accumulated over the past month and return to what feels authentic.

In order to embrace the gifts of this new season, though, we also need to trust the flow, vulnerability and receptivity that can often feel uncomfortable for a fast-paced, chaotic, ever-changing world! Isn't it ever?

I'm always relieved by the drop in external commitments and social events, allowing me to focus now on being more introspective and engage in contemplative plant medicine rituals at home (mostly ceremonial cacao and blue lotus flower).

Shifting from doing to being, from logic to intuition, and from thinking to embodying feels natural and fulfilling. And oh so juicy! The first part of this month has been full of commitments and communing with some newer friends. It even included an impromptu road trip with our little pea pod up north to visit friends, our shamanic healer (first time meeting her in person after two years of virtual sessions!) and savor the cooler mountain air of the Catskills.

I love how the Astrological Wheel just knows what's it's doing and every single segment perfectly follows the next one in a continuous interplay of yin and yang. Just an easeful flow from masculine to feminine and from lighter elements (air, fire) to denser ones (earth, water).

May you indulge in a flowy Cancer season and prioritize home, loved ones and your beautiful self as we ring in the summer months.

With bright solstice vibes,

xx Kristin


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