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Celebrate a New Year on the Spring Equinox

Well hello, Spring! So lovely to welcome you in again...

Today, I send you dear readers blessings of peace, joy and brightness as we initiate the Spring season here in the northern hemisphere. It's a time I eagerly await each winter as we race through a bustling holiday season, onto the iconic calendar "Happy New Year" and coast through a few months of hiberation and coziness. Now, in mid-March, a change in season and energy feels imminent.

Here in North Carolina, the weather has been all over the place, the daffodils have come and gone (a stunning ephemeral moment which I deeply savored) but alas, Earth is waking up from her deep slumber. We've also extended daylight by one hour so with more time to be active and outdoors, it certainly feels like new beginnings are upon us.

Can you feel the momentum? Breathe it in...

Let's activate our senses and take in the beauty surrounding us at every turn.

Let's be present to what is in this very moment and relish this time of year when the buds are popping and new life is beckoning. I hope you are able to take moments throughout your day to soak in Earth's sensational beauty and bounty.

The Spring Equinox, taking place in the late hours of March 19, 2024, is a symbolic time of renewal and rebirth as it commences the solar cycle in the first sign of Aries. As I mentioned in this post, our journey through Pisces season allowed for completions, surrendering and integrating all that we have experienced the past year.

In what areas have you grown? What are you ready to compost?

Pisces is an receptive water sign followed perfectly by design by a fierce fire sign. There's always a yin and yang pattern to this cyclical flow that lends uniqueness and balance to each of our month-long solar experiences.

I've taken time to notice excess and clutter in my life by clearing out thought patterns, habits and material items that no longer serve. Cancelling subscriptions, extra credit cards and even limiting my content has felt so spacious and freeing.

However, I'm sitting in somewhat of a void now (as most of us are) waiting for the RIGHT things to fill the space, time and energy. And they will if we remain intentional.

Even societally, we have been shedding skin, laying the bones bare and letting go of old paradigms as we now feel ready to commence anew. The life force is building inside and out and we are being called to step up, step out and follow the call as we forge a new path for humanity.

I encourage you to honor this sacred Earth Holiday in whatever way feels aligned for you. I'll be doing a cacao ceremony that includes ecstatic dance and a nature walk by my home.

Sending love, light and expansion your way.

xx Kristin


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