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A Channeled Message from Mother Gaia

In honor of my halfway trip around the sun on February 25, I revisited this beautiful message that my wife Daniela shared with me six months ago on my birthday. Because we spent the day in different cities, she did something particularly meaningful: she sent a lovely voice memo that included a tarot card reading and a custom message channeled from one of her guides.

The mantra for the gorgeous, modern medicine woman archetype represented by the 9 of Pentacles is "I am totally worthy of the bliss and abundance I am about to enjoy." There has certainly been much richness and expansion in many areas of my life since last August - feeling very blessed these days.

And the pentacles suit speaks to earth or material energy which is something I resonate with deeply, especially being born under a Virgo sun.

Below is the transcript of the channeled recording that Daniela shared from a Council of Six, where Mother Earth stepped up and shared a potent message. I'm sure these words will elicit intense emotion in each of us right now during these uncertain, chaotic times.

The notion of our Earth breaking down feels so visceral but she reassures us (and I also know it to be true in my heart) that this stage is a painful but necessary part of the ascension process we are ALL going through: humans, earth, and even planetary systems at large. It's a massive moment!

I hope something in Daniela's unique birthday message stirs up hope, peace and connection to a grander vision for us all. Much love xx


I don't measure time. My cycle is cyclical, a natural rhythm, an ebb and flow.

I am going through a purging of the old, the things that stifle and restrict me.

Like me, you have to find your inner strength to be within your own flow.

Take my principles of seasons, of the elements, of a natural flow, and replicate it within yourself.

You must find footing in yourself.

Anchoring in my world can become distracting and confusing, especially while I break down and let something new spring alive from my core again.

No need for sadness for this process.

I am mighty.

I am strong.

My forces know no bounds.

I'm here to protect what's valuable and sacrifice the outdated.

You are my mirror.

The storm inside you that's been brewing is the rebirth of something greater than you can imagine.

Let it all unfold and trust that beyond this time and space, another world will emerge.

Rise above and spread your wings.

Your time will come to soar and spread your love and kindness upon the world.


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