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Prioritize Your Physical Well-being in 2024

It's been a minute since I've shared publicly here as I've spent most of 2023 delving into the internal energies of the Universal 7 year, also known as the Year of the Mystic, the Shaman, or the Seeker. I willingly invited in this season of life by looking deeper within, engaging in profound healing work, metaphorically rummaging through the compost and spending ample time in quiet contemplation and group meditations.

It seems already that 2024 has a vastly different flavor - more of an intensity, boldness and expansive quality. It's a time of immense electrical upgrades, solar flares and unpredictable Earth changes, as we humans are simultaneously going through an upleveling in consciousness and psychic expansions. As challenging as this time may feel on both the inside and outside, we're here (and have chosen to be here) in this very moment to lean into these ingredients for our collective ascension. Wheewww

As you'll notice, I've also dug deep into the metaphysical realm this past year so the tone of these articles may differ to what I've written previously. Of course, I continue to be fascinated by topics of food, seasons, cycles, nature, and energetics but from a new vantage point. And that's part of any natural growth journey. Nothing wrong with pivoting or changing course as long as we don't judge ourselves.

Before I veer off too much, I wish to refocus this post on the importance of our physical health in 2024. More than any time before, it's critical that we tend to our bodies and nourish these vessels with the foods that are right for us (we are bio-individually designed so don't need to subscribe to any one "diet") while also detoxing them from the buildup of harmful chemicals and substances now common in our environments and food system. Not only what we ingest, but how we move our bodies will help to clear out excess energy and keep us connected to the earthly plane.

Recently, on January 20, a huge planetary event occurred that will affect ALL of us for the next 20 years (you heard that right, until 2044!) The transformational planet of Pluto shifted from Capricorn (an Earth sign) into Aquarius (an Air sign). Generally, know that a transition into an air sign will amp up the speed of life and take place more in our minds than our bodies. Aquarius as an astrological sign relates to themes of AI, technology, the Galactic, innovation, personal power, rebellion, energy and the Higher Mind.

All to say that the importance of coming back to the elements, to ourselves and to our bodies will be absolutely pivotal this year and beyond. If we are steady in our body and feeding it healthful foods and clean water, we can stabilize the mind and emotions, thus keeping us in an empowered state to deal with any external chaos that ensues. As our world continues to break down and the poles shift, we will experience all sorts of surprises, including more geomagnetic activity like volcanos, earthquakes and hurricanes. So hang on!

In a recent 2024 Annual energy update by Spiritual Leader and Channeler, Lee Harris, with his guides the Z's, he touches on the topic of "external instability driving internal stability and care. Balance, wellbeing and nervous system care will be critical this year." You can watch the whole forecast here.

With all of this chaos happening outside of us, may I suggest a few practices that will ground us into our physical bodies this year:

  • Let's purify our internal waters. Daniela and I have installed purifiers on our shower heads and invested in a high quality drinking water filtration system called a Berkey (great to have in case of a water emergency). When you bathe, along with adding epsom salts or baking soda, you can submerge a shungite stone in the tub to disseminate negative energies. The more we can keep our internal waters free of toxins, the more these upgrades will reflect in our outer bodies of water. It doesn't take much to notice how polluted our oceans are!

  • Let's protect our bodies from harmful waves. In order to reduce the negative impact of EMFs and 5G technology, be sure to unplug your wifi router at night (or set it on a timer), turn your phone to airplane mode whenever you can, invest in EMF blocking devices or crystals (tesla, shungite, black tourmeline are our favorites) and minimize/eliminate use of the microwave.

  • Let's ingest the purest, most nourishing foods we can find and afford. This means going to farmers markets where you can establish a relationship with the person who grows and cares for your food. More than ever, toxins, GMOs and mRNA are seeping into our food supply. And even the organic label can be deceptive as large corporations have taken over the industry and now grow seemingly "organic" produce in monoculture. Of course, this growing practice is superior to conventional but I also believe (and it's been proven) that we can infuse positive intention into food that will provide even more benefit than a super "clean" low vibrational food. Just notice if that holds true for you.

  • Let's check in with what foods your body craves. Are you listening to what YOU want or following a prescribed diet that someone else claims will work for you? I have gone through my fair share of this cycle and it took many years to break out of the conditioning. Not an easy process when as a society, we can be so manipulated by food and the large industries that value profit over genuine health. Intuitive eating is at the heart of health.

  • Let's tune into movement that feels aligned for you. Again, not just following another system that tells us how we should exercise. We are not built like everyone and our bodies are uniquely designed. I had an a-ha moment last year after trying a very short but effective Qi-Gong class and realizing how much energy I was able to clear through the various poses. The idea of gentle power comes through in this beautiful practice where we can connect to our inherent strength in our bodies without having to do extreme exercises that may hurt us. I had always gone on vigorous runs to clear energy but because my body was moving in a forward rigid motion, nothing really shifted. I needed to move my body more freely. So an embodiment practice like Qi Gong (I recommend Steven Washington's classes), ecstatic dance or yoga can provide a tremendous shift.

How are you planning to tend to your beautiful vessel this year? What small practices can you implement to connect you more to yourself and to the healing power of nature?


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