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Design Your Week Based on Planetary Energies

When I think about cycles — be it the four seasons, the transformation of a butterfly, lunar phases, or our menstrual cycle — I inherently feel deeply connected with nature. I imagine these examples are easier to align with as they are visible to our senses but I’m also fascinated by a more subtle cycle in the unseen world: the flow of energy. Specifically, as it relates to the movement of cosmic energy throughout our weeks and years. These could be planetary transits or for the sake of this article, the repetition of a weekly cycle that can be used to your advantage.

The notion of aligning to planetary influence allows for us to move more naturally through the week and harness the unique gifts that each day offers us. For me, it creates a loose structure in that I can plan for certain projects or activities at times that make more sense versus in the way that society dictates (ie. work / study M-F and rest / crash on weekends). Of course, this isn't always possible due to travel or unforeseen events so I suggest using this model as a guide.

If you are familiar with Astrology, you'll notice that only the inner planets are covered here because this information was disseminated before the discovery of the outer planets.

Let's take a closer look!


ruled by the Moon (Cancer, Water sign)

This energy here is fluid, creative, emotional, domestic, and inward which isn't quite optimal for culture's "big energy and big output" expectations for a Monday, is it?

It's a day full of ebbs and flows (think emotional ups and downs) so be gentle with yourself and tend to more aspects of self-care or home care, like errands, grocery shopping or food prep. A perfect day to feel into the week and plan, to set things up, ideate or map out a schedule.

I love my slow, mindful Monday mornings as opposed to rushing into the week and taking on the energy of those rushing around me.


ruled by Mars (Aries, Fire sign)

This heralds assertive energy, heat, movement, courage and strength. Consider Tuesday the new Monday! Here's where you'll possess a more fiery leadership style and want to initiate projects, aim for output, have a hard conversation or engage in an intense workout. Any big action is ideal for a Tuesday.


ruled by Mercury (Gemini, Air sign and Virgo, Earth sign)

This is the energy of communication, expression, intellect and delivering messages. Your mindset is sharp, you'll think more rationally, analyze, discern and express yourself authentically. A perfect day for decision-making, social media posts, podcast recordings or writing projects.


ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius, Fire sign)

Jupiter rules all things expansion - abundance, growth, goals, values. So naturally, this lends itself to learning something new or doing the uncomfortable. On Thursday, you'll want to focus on all things learning or delivering ideas (perhaps even controversial or novel), launch new offerings or increase prices which all take courage and self-assurance. This is also a day to prioritize spirituality, self-development and higher realms.


ruled by Venus (Libra, Air sign and Taurus, Earth sign)

Another beautiful day that book-ends our traditional M-F work week. Here, the energy is all about harmony, connection, relationship, comfort, and nourishment. Matters of the heart are central, as are gratitude and reverence - for yourself, others, the planet. Make sure you are in a beautiful environment (in or outdoors), that you're savoring gorgeous and nurturing food and focusing on love. It's a perfect day to go on a date (with yourself, your partner, a friend), clean the house, get a holistic health treatment, clean up your inbox or tend to finances.

Personally, my favorite time of the week as I can work to embody these loving, sensual vibes!


ruled by Saturn (Capricorn, Earth sign)

The energy of this day is one of action and doing so I tend to enjoy working on my business and getting organized. It suits me well to have a checklist, run errands and be productive so that I can fully settle into my Sunday without worries.


ruled by the Sun (Leo, Fire sign)

The Sun, the light! Do what makes YOU feel happy on this day. It's all about your unique essence and whatever activities light you up so use this time to fill yourself up doing whatever it is that you love.


What is your favorite day of the week?

Do you feel naturally aligned to these rhythms but have to function differently because of how life is set up for work or school?


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