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Trust The Blossoming Lotus

I share with you a message from my Higher Self that I journaled this morning while engaging in my daily cacao ritual. It was prompted by the urge to "look up the meaning" of a tarot card that I am working with rather than trusting what I already know to be true simply by observing the imagery and intuiting its symbolism.

The Higher Self comes through all of us in the most gentle, nurturing voice so no need to fear her messages. They always stem from a place of deep-seated love and care, and of wanting the very best for us. Enhanced by an energizing dose of ceremonial cacao, I notice that my heart is truly speaking its wisdom and that what flows onto the page is authentically my own.


Dear Kristin, you are constantly looking outside of yourself for wisdom and guidance. Please go within and trust the messages of your heart. Trust what you see in a tarot card and what it stirs up in you. That is YOUR TRUTH and no one can alter or take it away.

Know that your intuitive abilities are strong and coming back online after a lifetime of amnesia. You have forgotten the immense power and inner strength inherent to your being.

YOU are the Universe, YOU are creation.

What lies within is expressed outwardly in nature.

Honor your connectivity, your divine place within the elements, the sun, the moon, the celestial bodies, the cycles of seasons, the lunar phases. She is perfectly in rhythm just as you, too, are realizing your sacred cycles and deeper knowings that have been programmed out of you by society's achievement, productivity and masculine-oriented culture.

Come back to the womb, Dear One. Come back to the senses (both inner and outer), to your emotions which are messengers and not something to fear or push away. Lean into the body cues - the tingle in your gut, the subtle way your chest leans in or away, the sensations or pains that indicate an inner knowing.

Kristin, Love, you are one that relies heavily on the mind, that finds deep comfort in knowledge and intellect, so it may feel new to trust that YOU KNOW ENOUGH. That YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Embrace these mighty gifts of the ascension journey. You are not alone. Others are also realizing their great potential as humans, of evolving into Light Beings whose essence is brighter and lighter, both in glow and in density.

You are becoming MORE OF YOURSELF and that requires trusting the seed in your heart to blossom into the beautiful lotus flower it is destined to become.

Listen deeply, Sweet One, to the messages of the wise and truthful heart within.


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