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Climate Conundrum: Should we Prioritize Plastic Waste or Food Waste?

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Today I'm sharing a long-form interview I did with a pretty amazing Dutch company. Their mission is to reduce food waste on the supply side through innovative technology that tracks the lifespan of produce at a grocery store. Pretty cool, eh?

The name of the company, OneThird, implies the amount of food we currently waste on a global scale. Yup, 1/3 - a travesty. I always joke with them that in the near future, they'll have to change their company name based on what will hopefully be a downward trend in food waste. OneFourth? OneEighth? Zero? In fact, we're seeing a lot more countries passing legislation driving this momentum so I will continue to remain hopeful in this next decade.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about food versus plastic waste. How do you navigate both of these pressing climate issues in our everyday landscape?

There is so much anxiety about how we can do our part to avoid waste but honestly, where do we start? It is truly overwhelming and I'm here to dispel some myths and provide practical tips on how to move forward gently and compassionately.

Read the full interview here.


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