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Create a Calm Kitchen Experience Free of Sensory Overload

For those of us who enjoy spending time in our home kitchen preparing healthful meals for ourselves or our families, it’s important that we feel good inside this space. The kitchen is considered the hearth after all, and provides nourishment on many levels - body, mind and soul. Over the years, I have experimented in my home environment by turning down the volume on certain factors that had previously caused me distress and instead focused on the tenets of mindful simplicity, resourcefulness, and comfort.

The benefits have been incredible: my flow, creativity and joy are at their peak and working with ingredients provides sensory delight at every stage. The culinary artist in me is thriving!

I've shared 11 tips that you, too, can implement to design a calm, grounded home kitchen and truly savor the process of cooking without the overwhelm. Read them here.


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