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How a Simple Home Space will Positively Impact You as a Highly Sensitive Person

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto / Unsplash

This is a guest post by Daniela Renn

I’ve always been an orderly and organized person who thrives in a clean, visually beautiful and calm environment. I partially contribute this to my upbringing in Germany, but ultimately, the need for a simple, clutter-free home space stems from my highly sensitive nature. Navigating the world as a highly sensitive person (HSP) can be challenging. It’s loud, overstimulating, and oftentimes, less than kind to people that function differently. HSPs have amplified senses and everything they experience feels more intense, quickly leading to fatigue and overwhelm. If you are unsure whether you are an HSP, we recommend this easy quiz. Therefore, it is even more important to create a home environment that helps recharge our batteries and brings us back to our fully thriving selves. So the question is: How do you want to feel when you enter your home? Wouldn’t it be nice to create an environment that leads to an instant sense of relaxation and grounding that you lost while being part of the larger world? Kristin (my wife, also an HSP) and I did exactly that with our move to North Carolina in late 2019. We intentionally determined what we wanted in our home space and how exactly we wished to feel inside it. These parameters served as our foundation. We ended up choosing a light, bright and spacious top floor apartment that provided ample sunlight that streamed through our multiple window fronts. Our furniture style would best be described as Nordic Simplicity meets Mid-Century Modern, sprinkled with calm, comfortable and earthly elements. The interior is bathed in soft gray tones and light wood, with plenty of live plants interspersed.

Our deliberate choices mirror back our set intentions and have had a huge impact on our overall well-being. Having lived in the space now for 8 months, I’ve noticed the following positive impacts from having designed a simple home space:

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto / Unsplash

~I experience calmer and clearer thoughts due to the clutter-free nature of our place.

~I know exactly how much stuff I own and where it is located. This provides a sense of confidence in my decision-making as to what enters into my home space.

~The sunlight streaming in through the windows, fresh air circulating and lush plants all bring nature directly into my home -- a key benefit for HSPs!

~The simplicity of every room makes maintaining the household a breeze which leaves more time and energy for the important things in my life.

It’s also quite wonderful to witness the effects of our home on friends, family and neighbors when they come to visit. We have heard many times how relaxing, open, calm, grounding, light and bright our place is. People feel comfortable and at ease which translates into positive interactions and an enjoyable visit!

"A calm home equals a calm heart which equals a calm life"

-- Erica Layne

This is a bonus for me as an empath who can feel other people’s emotions and sometimes even take them on as my own. The less that negative emotions of other people swirl around, the less of an energy drainer it is for me!

For the first time in my life, I've consciously chosen to create a home environment based on how I want to feel.

The positive ripple effects are undeniable. It helps me to show up in the world more present and joyful as well as set the stage for being kinder to myself and others. A win-win for all!

So the question is: How do you want to feel in your home?


Daniela Renn is a certified Health and Well-being Coach by Duke Integrative Medicine. She and her wife Kristin co-founded the core, a platform for highly sensitive women to take forward steps in their life through curiosity and inner trust.


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