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Sheet Pan to the Rescue! 11 Ways to Multipurpose this Kitchen Gem

Having intentionally pared down my kitchen to the absolute essentials has led to an unexpected sense of creativity as I determine how best to multipurpose items through a lens of resourcefulness.

Brooke Lark / Unsplash

For example, while living tiny, I reduced my collection of eight nesting metal bowls down to just a single one (the 4-quart size has proved most versatile), which has created lasting benefits. I've enhanced my skills as a cook, maintained a calmer cooking environment, and freed up mental space now that I no longer need to select the proper size for a bowl. It's amazing to see the power in small, conscious decisions.

Same goes for a quality chef's knife and cutting board that, if carefully maintained, can take on any task that a gadget might do. I'd venture to say that resourcefulness is a quality we could all use more of this year as we learn to value what we have. After all, the notion of home and material possessions has taken on a new definition in 2020. We are all learning to treat our items lovingly, repair them, and as a last resort, replace them with a gently used version. Circularity should be central to our way of thinking.

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