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A Portal to the Present Through Your 'Super Sense'

Let's dive into one of the lesser known aspects of the Human Design chart that's not as widely discussed as the gateway concepts like Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, etc.

As someone who takes a sensorial approach to life and nourishment, one of my favorite details lies in the category of Strongest Sense, or what I consider a 'Superpower Sense'!

It's Taurus season after all, and as someone with strong earth and water in my Astrology chart, the sensual, sensory and nature-based feel like home.

So let's imagine a sensory gift that you're offered at birth as a unique antenna to connect you deeper into the body. A built-in internal guidance system to navigate the world, if you will. Pretty nifty if you know about it, huh?

Every time we return to this particular sense (and it's not the five traditional senses I'm referring to as you'll see below), you realign with your center and make the choices that lead you to the divine next step.

Your strongest sense according to Human Design will be one of the following (in no particular order): 

1. Smell

2. Taste

3. Outer Vision 

4. Inner Vision

5. Feeling

6. Touch

Do you know yours?  Or perhaps have an intuitive hit of what it might be?

If you visit for a free chart, you'll find it listed on the bottom right-hand side as you scroll down. Notice mine?

Instead of detailing all of the senses, I'll share the one that happens to be quite popular in the collective: Outer Vision

This aligns perfectly with how I have always gone through the world - with an eye for color, texture, and overall beauty. I tend to focus first and foremost on what I can see which is incredible gift, especially in admiring the nuances of nature or savoring each meal. There's nothing more satisfying for me than to enjoy food or beverage outdoors or with a picturesque view from my window, and this all helps to better digest my food (another fun aspect of the Human Design chart - for another day!).

Whether it be the design of a stunning minimal space composed of natural building materials, a casual floral-laden dinner setting on a hand-crafted wood table, or the vibrant set-up of a seasonal farm stand, it all sings to my heart and guides me toward the next thing I am destined to experience. My life is literally driven by imagery.

When it comes to enjoying my cup of ceremonial cacao each morning, I'm drawn to gorgeous presentation of both mug and tray on which it rests. And I'll add flaky sea salt, bee pollen or dried rose petals atop the beverage for extra sensory pleasure (usually for my eyes only, not social media which I avoid posting on).

Overall, when I'm making decisions around food, it's always with my eyes and that in turn lends itself to deeper nourishment and digestion of food, life and experiences.

The shadow side of this trait might show up as honing in on detail to the point of nit-picking. Or taking in excess negative imagery in the world or even focusing on the pieces of litter within a landscape instead of its general beauty.

In five years of living my design and honoring this super sense, I can say that for me, it has been and continues to be a valuable portal to the present moment. A beautiful, satisfying way to move through and trust the mysteries of our inner and outer lives.

Sending sensory joy and delight your way,

xx, Kristin


What you've noticed about this area of your life? Is this a new concept for you?


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