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A Balancing Point in the Libra Equinox

The Fall / Spring Equinox on September 22nd brings up the theme of Balance, both inside and outside of ourselves.

Photo by Aziz Acharki | Unsplash

Balance of Light

Today, we experience an equal amount of sunlight and darkness in either hemisphere making it an ideal time to consider our own relationship to daylight and darkness.

Do you tend towards the glow and warmth of light? Do you equally embrace the still of darkness and the lessons of shadow?

Before the advent of electricity, humans were much more tuned into the rhythms of light and based their days and sleep patterns exclusively on nature. Today, however, we are constantly exposed to artificial light (especially in cities) and our culture is fixated on the bright, shiny and sparkly.

But what about deep, restorative darkness to truly rest our senses and nervous systems? I invite you to consider your relationship to both the light and the dark and use this day as a point of reflection and balance.

Can you try to:

  • Step outside and expose your eyes to natural light before you look at a screen?

  • Cover your eyes and take periods of visual rest throughout the day to silence our senses?

  • Make your bedroom as dark as possible before you go to sleep?

  • Ask yourself a question or journal before bed and see what your dreams reveal?

Balance of the Zodiac Wheel

Today, the sun also enters the sign of Libra (symbolized by the scale), celebrating its halfway point in the zodiac wheel. This energy portal is truly significant.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo | Unsplash

The first six signs of the zodiac (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo) are focused on ones personal energy field, on self-knowing and self development.

In contrast, the last six signs of the zodiac (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) bring up our connection to energy outside of ourselves and the interaction we have with others, whether physically or through conversation. Themes like collaboration, cooperation and negotiation will show up more strongly now.

So this shift into Libra season invites us to look outwards and to seek new possibilities that are in alignment with what we need to find balance.

6-Month Cycles

What I love about the six-month cycle as it pertains to both the seasons and astrology is that it allows us to embrace the inherent wisdom of nature and the cosmos and to flow with it.

Consider that in March/April (in the Northern Hemisphere) we planted physical seeds or seeds of intention in our lives. We nourished them as they grew and developed. Now, in this beautiful season of harvest, we reap what we've sown and savor the fruits of our labor. We take the produce to market which fits in perfectly with the theme of sharing our gifts with the world and extending our reach beyond the self. Soon, nature will prepare for a period of dormancy and rest during the next six months, which we will also follow suit.

What does the Equinox mean to you? Consider where you are physically and mentally out of balance and how can you make any subtle shifts back into alignment.


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