celebrating simplicity and resourcefulness

Well, hello! I'm Kristin.

Together, let's reclaim the home kitchen and create more awareness around our food choices.

My intention is to share the delight that I've experienced in a lifetime of kitchens, beginning with my own play version that I adored as a toddler. Since then, I've had the opportunity to grow and learn from a variety of culinary settings (and mentors) - professional teaching kitchens in Italy, retreat centers and spas, a funky vegan food truck and home setups ranging from tiny minimalism to luxury. Plus many fun stops in between, my favorite being a converted fishing boat docked on Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, California.

This vibrant journey, coupled with a more private food struggle in my early 20s, has led me back to the comfort of my "Kitchen Sanctuary". Almost two decades later, I feel truly nourished in my body, mind and soul, and excited to share what has worked for me, especially as a highly sensitive empath who moves through the world differently.  

In an overwhelming landscape where we've lost touch with our instincts and a sense of seasonality, I view my role as connecting people more deeply to nature and to themselves, all while cultivating an appreciation for our food. Following the often unconventional tenets of simplicity and resourcefulness has been fundamental in my process and something I wish to inspire in others. 

Some of my favorite topics to teach and write about include:

  • setting up a conscious, healthful kitchen

  • reviving ancestral slow food traditions

  • prolonging the lifespan of food to prevent waste

I hope you'll venture alongside me on your own path to Kitchen Confidence. It's a journey after all, with small and consistent steps adding up to powerful, collective change for ourselves, our community and the environment.


Please visit my other project, The Core, designed to support HSP women in moving their health and well-being forward. 

xo, Kristin

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Photo by Alec Himwich

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