celebrating simplicity and resourcefulness

Well, hello! I'm Kristin.

Together, let's reclaim the home kitchen and create more empowered awareness around our food choices.

My aim is to share the delight that I've experienced in a lifetime of kitchens, beginning with my own play version that I adored as a toddler. Since then, I've had the opportunity to grow and learn from a variety of culinary settings (and mentors) - professional teaching kitchens abroad, retreat centers and spas, a funky vegan food truck and home setups ranging from tiny minimalism to luxury. Plus many fun stops in between, my favorite being a converted fishing boat docked on Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, California.

This vibrant journey has led me back to the comfort and approachability of home kitchens where I can inspire, empower and educate others using two basic tenets: simplicity and resourcefulness. These themes apply to many areas of our day-to-day experience but especially in setting up a conscious kitchen and ending food waste, my personal passions.

In an overwhelming landscape where we've lost touch with our instincts and sense of seasonality, I view my role as one of connecting people more deeply to the natural world and helping cultivate a relationship of respect towards their ingredients. It's time to truly LOVE our food again. 

I hope you'll venture with me on your own path to Kitchen Confidence. It's a journey after all, with small and consistent steps adding up to powerful, collective change. Please visit my other project, the core, for support in moving forward in other areas of your life. 

xo, Kristin

Photo by Alec Himwich

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