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Celebrating resourcefulness in the kitchen


I inspire you to bring beauty, nourishment, and delight into your daily life. Through actionable education, you will learn how to shop, cook, and organize your kitchen in a way that emphasizes resourcefulness, simplicity, and connection to nature. I'll offer tools to meet you where you're at in your journey - from navigating the grocery bulk section to using beeswax wraps for produce longevity to optimizing your fridge and freezer.


I offer private consultations and hands-on cooking classes that promote sensory exploration and empower you to lead a healthy, vibrant, and low-impact lifestyle. I write blog posts and articles for conscious brands that prioritize quality products, ethical standards, and environmental stewardship. Email me below to see if we'd be a good fit to work together!

Your Kind Words

The many layers of mastery that Kristin brings to the table as a chef are ones that can only be acquired through the deep levels of passion, pursuance, and experience in various arenas of industry that she has achieved. I would highly recommend her to anyone and feel privileged to the gains of working with her from field to kitchen to table.


-Erika W.

Kristin is wonderful to work with as she balances an orderly and efficient work style with kindness and compassion. I’m consistently impressed with her professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail. Highly recommended!


-Nicole D.

My husband and I are two people among a resounding chorus who can speak to Kristin's palpable love for great food, and to how seamlessly she works to curate memorable experiences centered around that passion.


-Meaghan G.


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cover photo by @skyladesign

Kristin Cole | 2019