Hi, I'm Kristin! Welcome to my kitchen sanctuary.

Good health starts with each of us, in our own kitchens.

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It's time we get comfortable and learn the skills that will empower us to cook delicious and nutritious food!


My hope is to share a bit of the joy and fulfillment I've experienced in a lifetime of kitchens, beginning with my own play version that I loved as a toddler. Since then, I've had the opportunity to grow into and learn from a variety of settings - professional kitchens abroad, funky plant-based cafes, food trucks and home setups ranging from minimalism to luxury. Plus many fun stops in between, my favorite being an abandoned boat docked on a regenerative farm - see photo!

This colorful journey has led me back to the comfort of home kitchens, where I can now inspire and nourish others as a personal chef, educator and coach.

I approach cooking through the lens of simplicity and resourcefulness, using the senses as a guide and embracing the practical skills of our past.

The truth is that we live in an overwhelming world where we've lost our instinct to make healthy choices for our wellbeing (it's even more pronounced for us highly sensitive women). Now more than ever, we must embrace whole foods grown with love to nourish ourselves. Or stock only the most essential tools in our cabinets in order to lessen decision fatigue. Or learn how to extend the shelf-life of our produce with a simple beeswax wrap. There are so many ways to value the precious inputs that go into our food and to prevent waste from ever happening.

I wholeheartedly believe that...

Food is a valuable resource, to be savored and never wasted

Food is at the root of good health, for ourselves and the environment

Food choices should be made simply and intuitively in our complex world

...so I've incorporated these tenets into the heart of my practice.

xo, Kristin

Photo by Alec Himwich

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