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Well, hello! I'm Kristin.

Together we can bring simplicity back into our kitchens. Let's create more ease and less overwhelm while making decisions around food, shall we?  

My intention is to share the delight that I've experienced in a lifetime of kitchens, beginning with my own play version that I adored as a toddler. Since then, I've had the opportunity to grow my skills and learn about myself from a variety of culinary stages. From hectic restaurant kitchens in Italy to restorative retreat centers and spas to a funky vegan food truck and home setups ranging from tiny minimalism to luxury. Plus many fun stops in between, my favorite being a converted fishing boat docked on Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, CA. Cooking outdoors has always nurtured my spirit and usually results in tastier, love-infused food!   

Noticing that my body and mind reacted differently in each of these environments has intuitively led me back to the comfort of my own kitchen sanctuary. In this space, I am able create a visually calmer world suited to my trait of sensory processing sensitivity, also known as high sensitivity. 

In the last decade, by adopting the tenet of mindful simplicity, or choosing to live with less, but better, I've noticed a huge shift in my wellbeing. I've dialed down the visual noise in all areas of my food experience - from shopping to organizing to cooking - all while honoring my body's internal messages (which I had ignored for years) and nature's rhythms. Now I feel truly nourished on a mind-body-spirit level and inspired to share how simplicity can help you too to navigate the complexities of our modern world. 

I hope you'll venture alongside me on your own path to kitchen confidence - a quiet, slow one perhaps. It's a journey after all, with small and consistent steps adding up to powerful, collective change for ourselves, our community and the environment.


Are you ready to simplify your kitchen and food experience to create a life of more ease? ​

xo, Kristin

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Photo by Alec Himwich

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