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Hi, I'm Kristin! Welcome to the Kitchen Sanctuary.

My richly layered food journey has led me back home to the kitchen, to my refuge. It is here that I wish to inspire good health by encouraging others to consider their choices - from the way they shop and store their food to how they prepare and enjoy it, making sure to waste nothing in the process.

I teach others to think confidently through the lens of simplicity and resourcefulness, and to adopt the practical skills of our past. My writing covers these and other topics around wellness and the environment.

I believe that the kitchen should be a place where we feel joy and ease, using our senses to guide us. My hope is that by making more space in your kitchen, you will create more space in your life and deepen your connection to nature. It's that easy, and yet so complex in today's world where our instincts have become overwhelmed.

Thanks for joining me!


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Your Kind Words

The many layers of mastery that Kristin brings to the table as a chef are ones that can only be acquired through the deep levels of passion, pursuance, and experience in various arenas of industry that she has achieved.


Erika Weeks

Oakland, CA

I will wax poetic about the artistry of Kristin’s meals beginning with her freshly picked or farmers market purity of ingredients, attention to the rainbow and diversity of color in her food, perfectly cooked, and ending with absolute food bliss! Her meals are a multi sensory experience with health and nutrition at the heart and expanding into fulfilling umami and heart/mind bliss.


Laurel Gropper

Chapel Hill, NC

Kristin is wonderful to work with as balances an orderly and efficient work style with kindness and compassion. I'm consistently impressed with her professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail.


Nicole Danna

San Francisco, CA

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Kristin Cole | 2020

Chapel Hill, NC

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