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let's begin in the kitchen

What is Kitchen Consulting?


Because there are countless ways to approach buying, cooking and eating (or rather, digesting) food in our modern world, overwhelm and decision fatigue can certainly happen to the best of us. Does this resonate? What should we prioritize in this confusing and complex sea of external advice? I know first hand that this overload may be even more pronounced in us highly sensitive souls who take many things into consideration when making decisions - what's best for our bodies, for the planet, for our budgets, for our families. 

I know the feeling all too well. In fact, I wish I had had help in simplifying this overwhelming area of my life when I needed it most. Instead, I took to experimenting wildly while evaluating how each change made me feel. It wasn't until I adopted a mindset of awareness in the kitchen, around my food choices and material possessions that I could pave the way for what I call "Mindful Simplicity" - taking small conscious steps to live with less but better. 

As such, I'm here as your trusted guide. Someone to cut through the external noise and create actionable steps and resources suitable to your needs and lifestyle, while also considering how to live in harmony with the natural world. In working together, I'll gently mix the ingredients of education, empowerment and inspiration in the ratios that work for you.  

Areas of Focus


Learn the building blocks of meal preparation from stocking the pantry to supplementing with seasonal produce.



Create an easy to navigate pantry and maximize the potential of your allies: the fridge and freezer.


Pare down, multi-purpose and care for your beloved tools.


Consider dietary restrictions through an empowering new lens and use easy swaps to elevate favorite meals.


Overcome shopping / product overwhelm and learn how to simplify complex nutrition labels.



Extend the life of your foods through efficient shopping and storage, and creative use of leftovers.

What should I expect?

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and will be designed around your area(s) of focus - determined ahead of time from your combination of the options above. Know that I'm here to guide you and offer new ways to positively change your relationship to shopping, cooking and trusting your body's intuition when it comes to food choices.

You’ll have a supportive, gentle space to talk things out and ask any and all questions that you have. In return, I will offer insights and suggestions that may resonate or feel good to implement. It will be as if I am there with you in your kitchen (your personal "Fairy God-Chef") so feel free to to show me anything - a knife you wish to use properly, an ingredient that you always seem to prepare the same way or a tricky label to decipher. I'm happy to demonstrate techniques or share views of my own kitchen, when appropriate. 


My hope is that you will step away from our session with manageable tips and tools, a sense of clarity, and confidence to make more aligned decisions around food in your life. 

This offering is for those who: 

  • are excited about food and cooking but don't want it to take over their lives. 

  • buy the same items each week for the sake of ease but wish they understood what to look for in the store or how to use that mysterious hippy-looking bulk section. 

  • recognize that they are throwing away lots of food (and money!) and want to finally do something about it.

  • seek new ideas for how to incorporate fresher, seasonal ingredients or sneak some additional nutrition into their favorite meals. 

  • ​feel overwhelmed when they open their fridge or pantry and would rather just order food or eat out. 

*Please note: I am not a trained dietitian or medical professional and as such, am unable to diagnose or treat any conditions but rather, offer suggestions for wellness.

Kristin is creative as well as resourceful in the kitchen. Her enthusiasm for food that is locally sourced, healthy, and most importantly tasty, is infectious. Kristin is also such a beautiful soul. Her presence in our lives feels warm and nurturing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn more about food but also anyone who is looking for delighted taste buds!

Melany Coopmans-Vizithum, Chapel Hill, NC

This 1:1 online video conversation will take place over Zoom.​ We will chat for up to an hour about any questions you have or topics within the areas of focus.


 This is a fun, engaging way to see each others' kitchens and "show and tell" as necessary. 

$125 / HOUR

Hygge Kitchen laptop.jpg

This email exchange includes one email a day for 5 days (M-F) where you will be able to ask me any questions related to your particular kitchen experience. 

This offering is ideal for those who wish to see what comes up naturally in an ongoing conversation. Also perfect for us introverts! 

$65 / WEEK

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