Your Kind Words


Oakland, CA

"I had the tremendous joy of working hands-on with Kristin in a 'Mindful-Cooking' theme-based class and workshop. What I was most impressed by was the abundance, diversity and well-roundedness in Kristin's craftsmanship and skill-set as a chef. All of which were conveyed with an admirable sense of gratitude towards her profession. Her talents were executed from start to finish ranging from the actual event planning and organization, a deep knowledge of the foods we worked with and their preparations - to teaching, instructing and sharing her knowledge with others in the kitchen - but also stemmed into the deeper layers of savoring a final product such as the emotional and mindful connections we make to our food and our psychologies around the experience of food. The many layers of mastery that Kristin brings to the table as a chef are ones that can only be acquired through the deep levels of passion, pursuance, and experience in various arenas of industry that she has achieved."


Chapel Hill, NC

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Kristin! She has been a savior in our lives. Kristin's cooking is amazing! She is creative as well as resourceful in the kitchen. Her enthusiasm for food that is locally sourced, healthy, and most importantly tasty, is infectious. I have dietary restrictions and she effortlessly finds way to put ingredients together that please us adults, but also our two teenagers. Kristin is also such a beautiful soul. Her presence in our lives feels warm and nurturing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn more about food but also anyone who is looking for delighted taste buds!"