Your Kind Words


Oakland, CA

"What I was most impressed by was the abundance, diversity and well-roundedness in Kristin's craftsmanship and skillset as a chef. All of which were conveyed with an admirable sense of gratitude towards her profession. The many layers of mastery that Kristin brings to the table are ones that can only be acquired through the deep levels of passion, pursuance, and experience in various arenas of industry that she has achieved."


Chapel Hill, NC

"Kristin's meals are a multi-sensory experience with health and nutrition at the heart and expanding into fulfilling umami and heart/mind bliss. Must be all the love she puts in. As a functional optometrist, I believe Food is Medicine! Kristin’s meals are a weekly gift of healing medicine!"


San Francisco, CA

"Kristin is an expert facilitator with the ability to manage the needs of various parties and maintain a calm and composed energy. She is wonderful to work with as she balances an orderly and efficient work style with kindness and compassion. I’m consistently impressed with her professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail."