Can you relate?

~When did buying healthy food become so complex? Do you struggle to make good decisions amidst the mountain of choices, especially as we adjust to an ever changing foodscape?

~Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that's hiding in your kitchen cabinets or cluttering your counter tops?

~Are you literally throwing away hard earned money in the form of rotting produce or uninspiring leftovers?

~Do you have food or cooking related questions that may feel trivial or embarrassing and just don't know who to ask?

Simplify your life starting with your kitchen

I'm here to help make your shopping and kitchen experience uncomplicated as we take it all back to basics. My wish is for you to gain a strong sense of confidence and to approach the whole process through the lens of simplicity and resourcefulness. By prioritizing this part of your life, you will gain so much back in return while also enhancing your health and wellbeing.

I will serve as your co-creator and be with you in your kitchen (or virtually with ya!) as we navigate some actionable steps and mindset shifts. Together, we’ll explore how you can make small adjustments that amount to big changes for you, the people around you and the planet.

My coaching style

As a coach, I hold loving space and provide a safe and supportive environment for our work to unfold naturally together. I see where you are currently at and listen closely to help clarify what is most important to you going forward.

After all,it's about you.

Your needs.

Your pace.

Your process.


It's not about achievements, goals, or New Year's resolutions here. Nor is it about the "shoulds". Our work together takes as long as it needs to and may look non-linear just like nature's beautiful curves and spirals.


At the end of the day, it's about your Kitchen Confidence. And once you feel at home in yourself and your kitchen, you will feel empowered in other areas of your life. Let's get started!  

Book a session


We will communicate via video phone chat (FaceTime or WhatsApp)

This way, I can be in your kitchen or grocery store virtually as you show me around or ask specific questions relating to that space.




If you live in the North Carolina Triangle area, it may be possible for me to visit your home kitchen or join you for a grocery or farmers market visit.

Please inquire


$150 / HOUR